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We began documenting our travels on YouTube as a way to share our experiences with our family and friends back home during our year abroad. During that year we fell in love with full-time travel and seeking a life of adventures, both big and small. So we created Scho & Jo and dreamed up our next adventure: cruising America’s Great Loop.

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We both feel extremely grateful and very fortunate to be in the position we are.

We grew up with plenty of food on the table. Countless toys under the tree at Christmas. Parents who took us to soccer practice, family vacations, and encouraged us to strive academically.

Our mission is to grow Scho & Jo beyond the point of “making ends meet” so we can return the generosity we’ve been given in life with others in need. By documenting our adventures, sharing our life and journey on YouTube, we hope to inspire others who feel a similar pull to embrace the pivot and make the world a better place.


Our goal is to inspire others to reach outside of their comfort zone and go for their dream. Whether that’s completing America’s Great Loop, traveling to places they never thought they’d visit, or learning something new. We hope to inspire others to embrace the pivot, give projects the “can do” attitude, and bring a smile with every endeavor.