How to Anchor and Love It Course


Learn our 5 Simple Steps to Anchor in any weather, any ground type, and any situation to confidently spend time on the hook. This 15-module course explains everything from the basics of anchoring to the tested techniques to never drag anchor, including how to deal with anything that might go wrong.

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Our Anchoring Background

We have spent over 300 nights on anchor over 2 years. We developed this process with trial and error and feedback from other boaters. With our 5 steps, we have NEVER dragged anchor and have anchored through all situations. We’ve used this strategy to successfully anchor in high winds upward of 40 knots, extremely packed anchorages where there is only a boat length between other boats, and in all bottom situations. Whether it’s sand, hard mud, soft mud, rocks, or weeds – we’ve tested these simple 5 steps and are ready to share them with you.

What’s Included

We share various topics in this course to effectively and confidently share how to anchor. We start with anchoring terminology. Afterward, we explain why you need to know how to anchor and what situations may arise on the water. Subsequently, we go into our 5 steps, first going into the details and then afterward together as we anchor our boat with you. We show what happens when things don’t go according to plan and action items to resolve those challenges. Lastly, we go into options for enjoying time on an anchor, including how to anchor with pets, enjoy time on the water, and the proper anchoring etiquette.

This course includes two hours of course material organized through 15 modules, a 16-page workbook, and our Great Loop Anchorages and Free Docks Spreadsheet.

Buy This Course to Save Money and Stress Less

Knowing how to anchor effectively is a huge factor in enjoyable boating. Not only is it important to safely understand how to drop your anchor in an emergency, but you can equally follow our steps to sleep soundly at night. This course pays for itself in just two nights (considering a 40ft boat and 2$ / foot + fees) of staying out of a marina and anchoring.


  1. Introduction
  2. About Us
  3. Why Anchor
  4. Gear and Vocabulary
  5. Five Steps to Anchoring
  6. Five Steps to Anchoring – In Action
  7. Etiquette
  8. How to Enjoy Anchoring
  9. How to Have Fun While on the Hook
  10. Anchoring with a Dog
  11. Pulling Anchor
  12. Other Techniques
  13. What Ifs
  14. Maintenance
  15. Final Thoughts

Our 5 Steps to Anchoring started with us trying to save money and enjoy boating. We’ve given two very well-received lectures to Loopers on anchoring, and even old salts have been learned from our presentations. Now, we have expanded on how to anchor and love it so you can feel confident out on the water no matter the situations that arise.

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