The Story

Our journey around America’s Great Loop was eye-opening. We started this journey with no prior boating experience, and there were many trials and tribulations on our 6,000-nautical-mile journey.

Trawler Speed

You may or may not know, “trawler speed” or “6 knots” is very slow. For reference, in our Loop in 2022/2023, we spent a total of almost 1,000 hours at the helm. This taught us patience and to relish in the details around us that only trawler speed would reveal to us. Our Great Loop was not an adventure mainly of destinations (although there were some amazing destinations), it was an adventure where we focused on the moments in between.

Ollie Vibes

We wondered and worried how our 5-year-old dog, Ollie, would adapt to “Life on the Water”, but she was right at home. We joke that her secret gift is to find the most comfortable spot in any location, and will make her way there. Frequently she’s sitting right in the First Mates chair, with her life jacket on, enjoying the sunshine and on the lookout for Dolphins! We can count on her to never miss a sunset and always enjoy the breeze in her fur.

Embracing the PIVOT

We named our boat Pivot to signify our life changes from our international travels to living on a boat with no experience. At the time, we didn’t realize this naming would have such a meaningful impact in our lives. After a few setbacks, including Elliot breaking his wrist and getting airlifted off an island in Maryland, we began to “embrace” the Pivot with even more vigor. No one can know what life has in store for us, all we can do is embrace the changes and Pivot. We hope this sticker helps you to “Embrace the Pivot” in whatever life throws at you.

We hope you enjoy this round of stickers! Thank you for your support ❤️