Great Loop Budget Calculator & Expense Log

How do you budget for a 6,000 nautical mile journey, over the course of 12 months, transiting through around 18 states and 1-3 countries? Considering, on average, the expense of the Loop can range from around 30k to 150k, you need something to narrow down how much it will cost for YOU, and that is why we created this Great Loop Budget and Expense Calculator!

We recorded every single expense on our Loop from 2022-2023 and wrote 12 in-depth blogs breaking out our expenses in detail. In those blogs, we included screenshots of this spreadsheet, the one we tailored to match this journey. We’ve updated and enhanced this spreadsheet over the 12 months on the Loop, and finally, here it is in a presentable way that others can also gain value.

There are three main sections of this spreadsheet including the calculator, overall expense summary, and monthly expense reporting. The budget is where you can estimate how much your Great Loop will cost. The following pages are structured for you to record your expenses throughout your Loop. You can then see if you are on track compared to your original budget.

With this purchase, we’ll give you a PDF document with a link and instructions on how to copy our Google Sheets to your own Google Drive. Once you copy the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive, you’ll be able to add your own values and expenses to create your Great Loop Budget.

Thank you for your support ❤️

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