Find out EXACTLY How Much the Great Loop Costs

America’s Great Loop is a 6,000-mile boating journey around the Eastern portion of the United States, up into the Great Lakes and Canada, and back down the MidWest Rivers, traditionally completed in a year. How can you find out how much this trip will cost you? The answer is…. you can’t. Every person is different, every budget is different, and every Loop is different.

However, you can read our expense reports below and see how much we actually spent on the Loop during our 2022 and 2023 Loop. We tracked every expense and went into detail month by month, so you can use our experience as a reference point.

The Great Loop Budget Calculator

If you want to leverage our starting point, check out our Great Loop Budget Calculator, to estimate your Loop, and record your expenses to determine how much the Loop will cost you!

Post Loop Expense Breakdown