Coming Back after our Lowest Day On the Great Loop

Our lowest day on the great loop (pun intended; we ran aground), was rough. After a full day of activities, we ran aground, and then had serious anchor trouble leading to a very bad nights sleep. Today was different.

We had to leave early, on account that we were anchored right next to the ICW channel but departing was a breeze. Our schedule today has us heading to Beaufort, South Carolina – a completely new city to us! Unfortunately it’s a consulting day for Elliot and as such we couldn’t focus completely on the trip.

Jenn at the helm

It was a smooth, beautiful cruise and we arrived in Beaufort after a solid full day cruise. We considered docking, due to our terrible night anchoring, but decided to just go for it as the anchorage was very well protected. This turned out to be a fantastic decision as we met SV Ecola (Gwen and Andy) whom saved our asses the night before whilst Pivot was dragging and we met Scott from Oh Buoy who stopped by and gave us some anchoring tips.

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Sunday Summary

Jen and Elliot_smile

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