Injury on a Remote Island in the Chesapeake Bay

We stayed at the Smith Island Bakery dock.
The Smith Island Bakery
The Ewell Post Office on Smith Island

Our first day on Smith Island started out beautifully. We enjoyed the slow pace lifestyle on the Island as we watched the birds, watched the crabbers go out on their boats, and noticed the small things on the island. We checked into the Bakery dock at 9am and went back to the boat to work until the rest of the town opened up and we could explore. As we were leaving the boat for the day, Elliot missed the dock and broke his wrist. A local crabber heard and immediately went to the Bakery to call for help. Sirens went off in the town and the ambulance arrived within minutes. The EMT helped stabilize Elliot’s wrist before driving him to the helicopter landing spot on the island. The Maryland State Troopers picked us up via helicopter and took us to the nearest hospital in Salisbury, Maryland. Ollie stayed overnight with the baker, Kathy and her family. After a quick 25 minute helicopter ride, we arrived to the hospital and after 11 hours, Elliot’s wrist was realigned, put into a cast, and were given further instructions for recovery and additional doctor visits. It was a very long day, but we’re grateful it wasn’t more than a broken wrist, Elliot didn’t hit his head and get a concussion, or anything worse. 

The Maryland State Troopers took us to the nearest hospital via helicopter.
The EMT helped put Elliot’s arm in a split until we got to the hospital.
We spent many hours waiting in the hospital due to multiple trauma’s arriving and taking priority.
They realigned Elliot’s arm, which started the very long process of recovery.

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  1. The glass is always half full…this could have been much much worse then a serious broken wrist at the joint….falling in between a boat and the dock could go very bad…thank your lucky stars!

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