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Our Great Loop Got Cut Short | Whats Next?

After 4 months in Florida for Elliot’s wrist surgery, recovery, healing, physical therapy, and catching up on work, we have returned to PIVOT back in Crisfield, Maryland. We discuss the theme and meaning behind PIVOT and how we’re going to pivot yet again as we postpone completing the loop for 2022. We discuss some of the things we did to prepare the boat for our extended leave and some of the things we should have done differently. Lastly, we discuss our upcoming boat projects, including adding 2 additional solar panels, installing a new charge controller, installing our new anchor, fixing our stinky heads, and the biggest of all, replacing our leaky decks!


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  1. That was a great summary and I love your pivoting attitude. Anything is possible and I’m a number-one fan!!! Love you guys and be safe!!

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