Our Wheel Fell off While Underway to Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Today we leave South Carolina and head into our 4th state up the East Coast – North Carolina! What should have been a nice easy day was anything but as shortly after leaving our anchorage in Calabash River, our wheel fell off.

I (Elliot) was navigating from our flybridge when I shifted to port in the channel and the wheel kept spinning. It kept spinning then rattled and fell off the bolt. Immediately I went into action fully awake even though it was just past 7, I geared into neutral, compensated for the port turn by firing up our bow thruster to starboard, and banged on the side of Pivot notifying Jen of an emergency.

I thought we might have lost all steering as our interior and exterior stations are connected and yelled to Jen “Is your steering working”? She replied somewhat confused, “Yes?” and I was relieved. “One moment” and I grabbed the wheel and brought it inside. She was incredulous…

Of course this had to happen during our first class A inlet, Cape Fear, and our first time docking in foul weather. This evening I found out that it was just loose, and I had to buy a very large socket and wrench to put it back together. Oh the things we learn!

Coffee Set Up at our Anchorage in Calabash River
Southport, North Carolina
Navigating Cape Fear
Enjoying our destination at Carolina Beach
Ollie enjoying our destination at Carolina Beach
Fixing the wheel

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