Painting fails getting our old boat to launch

For our second video of our launch series we come to realize what working on the boat really means… nothing works out as planned and everything takes longer than we thought. We are striving to get our boat into the water, so that we can begin our journey around America’s Great Loop, but we run into road block after road block.

One big success was prepping our transom and fixing the defects in our gel coat! It eventually was 4 coats of epoxy and silica that did the trick. I have to say that we needed 4 attempts because of my inexperience completely, hopefully the next epoxy job is done in one!

Our next roadblock was painting over these newly filled in sections. Originally, we had planned to use the existing Fabula Signature Finish paint that was left over from the paint job a few years ago (the previous owners). However, when we opened the catalyst, it bubbled, exploding from the can signaling its end of life. New paint was going to take at least a week so our lettering was delayed!

After being delayed day after day due to cold weather (it needed to be 50 F for the paint to adhere) we were able to begin painting. The big issue that caused our initial paint job to “fail” was our interlux brightside, used for the accent, started peeling off. Now, mind you, this paint is supposed to be very high quality and isn’t the cheapest, so we were shocked to say the least. Check out the video for how we made it work in the end and our goals for next time.

Thanks for checking out this video, leave us a comment if you have any specific questions or would just like to say hi!


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