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Scho & Jo Q&A | Boating, Relationships, AGL, Boat Dogs, and More!

We asked for questions on all our platforms and are excited to finally take the time to answer them. Here is a list of the questions we answered:

Our Boat

Why did we choose Pivot?

If you could change one thing about Pivot, what would it be?

How much did Pivot cost?

Would you have paid more for a different boat, knowing what you know now?

Does our galley have fold out countertops?

Did you get a survey and did it mention the decks?

What kind of diesel mileage does pivot get?

Full Time Traveling

How hard was it to choose to full time travel?

What is an average monthly expense?

How did budgeting change from International Traveling to Boat Life

What portion of the time underway are you working and how do you deal with noise?

Do you use a program to coordinate timing of posts?

Does wifi or cell service dictate your location?

How do you manage your time considering the unpredictability that comes with boat life?

What is your budget for boat upgrades?

Sea Dog Life (How is it having a dog on the boat)

How difficult was it to get Ollie used to boat life and how do you deal with extended times on the boat?

How does Ollie react to marine wildlife?

How is it cruising with your pup?

Jennifer and Elliot (Relationship)

When did you get engaged?

When are you coming to Florida? Are you stopping in the Keys?

Do you get into fights on the boat?

Any tips for dealing with or preventing sea sickness?

How do you dock without yelling?

Boat Life

Would we consider a day trip for our viewers?

What are the best and worst things about boat life?

What made you decide on boat life and how long did you search?

As you’ve gained knowledge what would you do differently?

What has been the best surprise since living on the water?

If you could take Pivot anywhere, where would you go?

Now that you are more experienced what would you tell yourself at the start?

What is your favorite memory from the Loop so far?

What is your favorite item on the boat?

Is boat life open ended or do you have plans to stop?

America’s Great Loop

What is something good about the Loop that you did not anticipate?

How many 40 yr old cruisers do you meet and do you still visit traditional cocktails?

Have you felt unprepared for any navigational challenges not on charts?

What in particular inspired you to pick up the Great Loop?

What are the lessons learned in your first 700 miles on the Loop?


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