We COULD HAVE SUNK (A day full of LOWS sprinkled with some HIGHS, Boat Life)

After a fantastic cruise to the Outer Banks to visit Ocracoke, we had planned to head up the Pamlico Sound to Manteo and continue exploring. Mother Nature had a different plan for us as we were hit with swell and waves 4x what was forecasted, directly on the beam… We Pivoted “like we do” and were met with a new experience… our high water alarm going off.


Episode #244

Filmed on April 25th, 2022

Ocracoke, North Carolina






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3 Responses

  1. Hey Team Pivot – I am new to your quest and am enjoying the videos. My wife, Nikki and I have experienced the wrath of the Pamlico and have experienced water in the bilge. Luckily not at same time. We have been boating along the Carolina coast since 2001 and have planned the Loop since 2007. We bought our boat new then specifically for the loop. We will start our journey in 2024 after retirement. Your honesty and emotion are true and clearly honest. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks, Bob! We appreciate you watching our videos and following along on our journey. Having water in the bilge is not fun in any situation. Glad to hear the experience was not while you were in the Pamlico Sound. Best of luck starting your Great Loop journey! What an awesome adventure awaits you both.

  2. Jen
    Thanks for the reply and I’ve got my wife watching the videos of your adventures and upbeat times.Love your positivity. We returned to your beginning of second attempt and am catching up…our binge watching.
    We are fairly experienced waterway cruisers from upper Chesapeake to Charleston. We cruise on a 50’ motor yacht and when our bilge filled it was because we ruptured a hose on a motor. A year later we have two new motors and generator and batteries etc…so “life is good”.

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