We started the Great Loop!

Today we finally start our adventure on America’s Great Loop! Pivot is our 1989 Marine Trader and we are starting the loop in Fernandina, Florida.

View from our Anchorage in Fernandina Florida

We first heard about America’s Great Loop back in August 2019 after we got back to the US after quarantining. My father had heard about the loop in some magazine somewhere and off the cuff mentioned it to us. We tossed up quite a few options before landing on the Loop and today is the official start.

Jenn taking Ollie on our morning walk

The Loop is a 6000 mile journey around the eastern part of the United States and as such, is a journey of persistence, a marathon not a sprint. It starts with one cruise and today we are cruising to Cumberland Island, an uninhabited island off the coast of Georgia.

Our anchorage off the coast of Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is famous for its old Carnegie vacation homes that are ruins along with it’s unique population of wild horses! The national seashore was a fantastic stop for us, and if you want to go to Cumberland Island we highly recommend it. The typically method of getting to the island is the ferry from St. Marys, Georgia, herete


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  1. Hi,
    Your anchoring woes will continue until you start letting out more scope (anchor Line). Also let it out slowly as you back or drift away so the line isn’t heeped on top of the anchor.

    The 5:1 ratio rule of scope to depth only counts the line that’s actually in the water. So don’t count the line length from the boat to the water. It’s the ratio under water that counts

    Have fun!
    Ernie M

    1. Makes sense, lately we have been adding the height of our bow but what has really made a huge difference is our new anchor and bridle set. We can now set it, back down with 1000 rpm and sleep soundly (with the correct scope). Thanks Ernie!

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