What it’s like working while traveling America’s Great Loop

Today on America’s Great Loop Pivot and her crew (Elliot, Jenn, and Ollie) have a good sized travel day. We are leaving from Isle of Hope Marina from Savannah Georgia to our anchorage outside of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

Elliot and Ollie as we cruise on up through the South Carolina border

This day was particularly unique because we had a big challenge to overcome… WiFi and client meetings. As you may or may not know, Elliot is working full-time with his software consultancy Ollieware and is wrapping up a big project. Luckily the marina had some bikes available and as such we were able to whip on over to a local coffee shop. Crisis averted. 

Elliot catching up on consulting at the end of the day

A typically weekday consists of picking up hours when available, most often after a long day cruising. Its tough work but very rewarding! Let us know if you have any questions below or if you would like to know more! 


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  1. J & E,
    My buddy turned me on to your YouTube videos. He just purchased a 40’ trawler, almost identical to yours. He said he seen your boat the other day in the Hampton River/Creek (May 11 or 12?). We both live here in Hampton, Va.

    I’ve been watching from your playlist “America’s Great Loop” 92 videos. Finished with “Crossing HELL GATE”. I’m eager to catch up to your videos from Hampton. Hopefully following the right playlist.

    I really don’t know the difference between jealousy or envy. But I’m sure I’m one, if not both.

    Safe journeys, Dan Johnson.

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks for watching our videos and following along! That boat does sound pretty similar to our boat. We were on the Hampton River during those dates and have since continued moving north. You are watching the correct playlist on YouTube. We are currently about a month behind real-time in our YouTube videos, so you should hopefully see our time in Hampton in about a month. In the meantime, we appreciate you watching our videos and hope you’re enjoying the up, down, and everything in between. Cheers! J & E

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