Ferrying Back to Smith Island the Day After the Boating Injury

The follow day after Elliot’s wrist break, we made our way back to PIVOT by getting an Uber from Salisbury to Crisfield, Maryland. Crisfield is the closest town to Smith Island and the town where the ferry’s leave from. We took the ferry back to Smith Island where we went straight back to the bakery to pick up Ollie, buy some Smith Island cake, and head back to PIVOT. We bought 4 different types of Smith Island cake and really enjoyed the Maryland State dessert. Elliot rested for most of the day after the previous 24 hours were exhausting to say the least. Our day ended with the arrival of two guests: Jenn’s parents to help us maneuver PIVOT the following day.  

Crisfield, Maryland
Watching the crab boats pass by on the Crisfield Public Dock
Views from the ferry ride from Crisfield to Smith Island
Smith Island, Maryland
The one spot on the island to get fuel
Smith Island, Maryland
One of the many crab shacks on the island.
Smith Island, Maryland
The public school in Ewell that is no longer open.

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