An Insane Storm Hits us at Cumberland Island

Our second day on America’s Great Loop was also our first overnight storm at anchor on Pivot! Most of the foul weather we’ve seen, has been at a marina. Either at Gibson’s Dry Docks in San Mateo, Florida or the Green Cove Springs public dock it hasn’t been that bad just sitting through the weather.

Considering anchoring in general was very new to us, we only got a lick of sleep. Constantly getting up to check on anchor alarms, looking at any of the close boats in the anchorage; we were very nervous of hitting another boat. Running ashore wouldn’t have been that bad because that’s what TowBoat US is for, however, hitting another boat could put lives in danger and we would have to deal with the pain of damaging other peoples property. It was an experience to say the least…

I won’t spoil how Pivot does but considering our Loop didn’t end here, you can assume as much.


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