Our Boat Buying Process including our Sea Trial and Marine Survey

After months of back and forth, we decided our next mode of transportation would be a 34′ 1989 Marine Trader! You might be wondering, why we chose this option considering our last video, we were tossing up a RV, Camper Van, or an old Sailboat. We’ll really the decision came down to our 5 year plan and time.

Jenn and I started Scho and Jo out of a love for adventure and traveling. The Sprinter Van and the Sailboat would take too much time, at least 6 months of balancing work and a build out we’d start to learn the travel. Basically it’s more of a 3 year minimum option. This trawler, previous name is Hoot, is a lot like the RV of boating. It is practically ready to go minus the maintenance and general live aboard updates.

We are planning on writing an article all about the boat buying process including what we learned and what to change next time, if you are interested in that please let us know!


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