Hiking the Dismal Swamp State Park off America’s Great Loop

While the America’s Great Loop is a nautical adventure, what truly makes it special is experiencing parts of America that you would otherwise miss the chance. Today we hiked a beautiful and historical place – the Dismal Swamp. 

The Dismal Swamp is actually pretty accessible compared to most Great Loop activities as the State Park is located just off Highway 17 at a rest stop. It’s a rest stop for cars and a free dock for boaters. The state park has a large welcome center with many displays of the local wildlife and history of the swamp. There is a ADA accessible ramp for their canopy trail that anyone can do as well as quite a few back country trails sparse with knowledge about the Dismal Swamp. 

We really enjoyed the stop here and it is a must for any Looper looking for hiking! 


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