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Kicking off our Great Loop 2022 in Key West

Thank you to all of YOU for your support! Let’s get it started!

Time to begin America’s Great Loop! After a 9 month hiatus, we are back at it folks. We are starting in Key West, Florida – the southernmost tip of the contiguous United States. We tour Key West before we hop back in our trawler and head to a nice protected anchorage a bit North in the Keys.


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  1. Hey guy’s great show. I often watch.

    You were in the Chesapeake and went back south after the accident? Now your in NY.

    On the Hudson. Yes you must be really careful with River Current for sure. Jen is right.

    My tip. Keep 50′ of 3/8″ rope tie your self to boat. This way you can pull your self back if bad. under current. Sometimes on rivers especially there are large trees under surface moving swiftly.

    I boated a lot on the Delaware and Chesapeake as well as east and west coast of Florida. I now feel I am teavelling along with you guys lol

    1. Hey Eric,

      Thanks for watching our videos and following along on our adventure. We left for our first Great Loop attempt in April 2021 and made our way to the Chesapeake Bay (Smith Island) where Elliot broke his wrist in May 2021. That following summer we returned to Florida where Elliot had wrist surgery, recovery, and physical therapy. 3 months later, we returned to PIVOT and did some boat projects until November and cruised south for the winter since we live full-time on our boat. In March 2022, we re-started our Loop in Key West and made our way north. The date each video was shot is included in each YouTube description. Although we are currently publishing Hudson River videos, we’re currently (September 2022) in Lake Michigan, a few cruising days from Chicago. If you’re interested in keeping up with our current location and future travel plans, we’d recommend signing up for our weekly newsletter called our Sunday Summary:

      Great tips for staying safe with the current! We’ll be using those tips in the future.


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