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What we’ve learned from owning a boat for a year

If you had asked us 2 years ago, if we would ever own a boat – we would have both replied, “never”. I guess you should never say never and due to covid + life changes, we pivoted to Boat life!

We had practically 0 experience when it came to boating as well although Jennifer had a little bit of experience as a child. Luke (Jen’s stepdad) has owned a few sailboats and on some weekends out of the year, Jen would go out and help sail and cruise. I (on the other hand) spent my first amount of time on a boat when we took a luxury Galapagos cruise in late 2019 (the videos are here). Then having sparked an interest in boating, Jennifer arranged some sailing lessons for my 28th birthday while we were in Melbourne, Australia (here is the video). Even after these experiences, living on the water was nothing but a distant thought.

Well, long story short, covid happened and we pivoted to boat life!

We learned so much this year and are happy to share it with y’all in this video. Mainly just what it is like to live full time on a boat and cruise. We have learned about boat maintenance, lifestyle changes and expectations, alongside just the grand amount of knowledge that comes with a new journey through life!





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    1. As far as we know, no licenses are needed to drive a boat if its for pleasure. We did a safety course before beginning and got a certificate, but that’s the closest to a license we’ve heard of. Eventually we’d like to do the professional Captain’s license. Yes we do have insurance!

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